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Beauty Therapy and Nails

Beautiful Looks offers a full range of beauty and nail services in our fully equipped studio at Tuggerah.

Whether you need a facial, some waxing or tinting, a manicure, a pedicure, acrylic nails or even a spray tan, you'll find it here. Check out the services, and call to make an appointment today!

Please Note: Beauty and nail treatments are not mobile.

Studio Menu and Price List
Facial Treatments:
Mini Facial - 30 mins                                             $40.00
An ideal pick me up facial for those people always on the go or needing to have a facial in their lunch hour.

Deep Cleanse Facial - 60 mins                               $50.00
Purify, clarify and balance problematic skin with this deep cleansing facial. Indicated specifically for long term problems breakouts, acne, cystic infection, inflammation, milia and large congested pores.
Add $10.00 for advanced facial for problem skin.

Traditional Facial - 60 mins                                   $60.00
Traditional Facial created to suit all skin types. Indulge yourself with this facial. This facial recharges and restores the skins natural functions and increases the skins hydration levels.
Add $10.00 for advanced facial.

Paraffin Facial – 60 mins                                         $70.00
This facial is suited to drier, tired or maturing skins. Be pampered with this facial with the added benefits of nutrients infused by a warm paraffin mask.

Lymphatic Aromatherapy Facial - 60 mins              $70.00
A beautiful facial with the added benefits of vacuum suction and lymphatic drainage massage together with essential oils and a prescription clay mask makes this facial a truly individual treatment.

Specialized Treatments:
Regen-Eration Series – 45 mins                               $50.00
AHA treatment designed to help with sun-damaged skin, premature aging, anti-aging, fine lines, dehydrated, under-nourished skin, depleted skin, oiliness, breakouts, sluggish congested and dull skin, acne, enlarged pores, scarring, pigmentation and stressed skin. For best results a series of 6-10 treatments are recommended on a weekly basis.

Microdermabrasion – 60 mins                                   $70.00
Microdermabrasion involves the skin being thoroughly polished by a diamond tipped head to remove the top laye of the skin, taking with it the dead skin cells. It also promotes the production of new cells in the basal layer of the dermis.

Microderm + Regen-Eration – 90 mins                      $85.00
Microdermabrasion is used prior to the Regen-Eration Series to increase the exfoliation and anti-aging effects of both treatments within the same visit.

Body Treatments:
Swedish Body Massage- 60 mins                             $60.00
Relax tired and stressed muscles throughout your whole body, calming your senses and restoring the normal functioning of
your circulation and muscle movement.

Swedish Back Massage - 30 mins                            $35.00
Erase tension and relieve stress with the stimulation of the
back, neck and shoulder muscles. Relax and enjoy.

Lymphatic Body Massage - 60 mins                         $70.00
Enjoy this lovely massage while ridding the body of toxins and waste products. This massage will leave you feeling refreshed
and invigorated.

Hot Stone Massage - 60 mins                                  $60.00
Enjoy a full body massage with hot stones. This massage promotes a very deep sense of relaxation and well being.

Back Facial - 60 mins                                            $55.00
A traditional or deep cleanse facial for the back. The skin on your back is important too so why not treat your back to a facial.

Aromatherapy Clay Body Wrap - 90 mins               $80.00
Warm clay wrap. Escape into the stillness, tranquility while
stress and tension melt away. During this time, the minerals
in the clay will work their magic, deeply cleansing, revitalizing, stimulating circulation, and detoxifying the skin and body.

Mud Body Wrap - 90 mins                                       $95.00
Warm mineral mud wrap. Escape into the stillness, tranquility and wellbeing while stress and tension melt away. During this time, the minerals in the mud will work their magic, deeply cleansing, revitalizing, stimulating circulation, detoxifying and increasing the elasticity of the skin whilst soothing muscles and joints. A brilliant treatment for stress, tension throughout the body and neck, insomnia and anxiety.

Body Exfoliation - 60 mins                                     $50.00
Exfoliate, revitalize, hydrate and stimulate your whole body and all your senses with this luxurious head to toe body exfoliation  and moisturize.

Waxing for Women:
Eyebrow wax                                                            $15.00
Lip wax                                                                     $10.00
Chin wax                                                                   $10.00
Sides of face                                                             $15.00
Full face wax (excluding nostrils)                              $40.00
Nostrils wax                                                              $10.00
Underarm wax                                                          $15.00
Full arm wax                                                             $25.00
1/2 arm wax                                                             $20.00
Stomach wax                                                            $15.00
Bust line wax                                                           $10.00
Navel line wax                                                         $5.00
Full leg wax                                                              $35.00
1/2 leg wax                                                              $25.00
Bikini wax                                                                $20.00
G-string wax                                                            $30.00
Brazilian wax                                                           $40.00
Neck wax                                                                 $10.00

Waxing for Men:
Back wax                                                                 $40.00
Chest & stomach wax                                              $40.00
Shoulders wax                                                         $15.00
Full arm wax                                                           $30.00
1/2 arm wax                                                            $25.00
Full leg wax                                                             $45.00
Bikini wax                                                               $30.00
Underarm wax                                                        $20.00
Neck wax                                                                $10.00
Eyebrow wax (centre)                                             $5.00
Nostrils wax                                                            $10.00
Ears wax                                                                 $10.00

Eyelash tint                                                            $15.00
Eyebrow tint                                                          $10.00

Eyelash perm (including free eyelash tint)               $45.00

Spray Tanning:
Full body tan             Normally $35.00       SPECIAL $30.00
Full body buff & tan                                                $50.00

Ear Piercing: Caflon
1 ear (including stud)                                                  $20.00
Both ears (including studs)                                          $30.00

Nose Piercing: Studex
Nose piercing (including stud)                                     $35.00

Full set                                                                         $60.00
Full set white tips                                                        $60.00
Full set coloured tips                                                   $65.00
Full set permanent french (pink & white powder)        $70.00
Full set custom blended glitter acrylic                        $80.00
Coatings                                                                       $45.00
Coatings permanent french (pink & white powder)       $55.00
Coatings custom blended glitter acrylic                       $65.00
Infill (2-3 weeks)                                                           $30.00
Infill permanent french  (2-3 weeks)                            $40.00
Infill custom blended glitter acrylic  (2-3 weeks)          $50.00
Nail replacement per nail                               from       $6.00
Nail replacement per nail with infill               from       $3.00
Repairs per nail                                               from       $3.00
Buff & polish                                                                 $20.00
Set taken off including file and polish                          $25.00
Set taken off before another service                           $10.00
Polish only                                                                    $10.00
Nail art per nail                                               from      $3.00
Shellac                                                             extra     $10.00
Remove and reapply Shellac                            extra     $15.00
Remove Shellac                                                extra     $5.00

Manicure                                                                         $25.00
Male manicure                                                                $25.00
Manicure + paraffin                                                        $35.00
File & polish natural nails                                               $15.00

Pedicure                                                                         $35.00
Pedicure + paraffin                                                         $45.00
File & polish toes                                                            $15.00

In Studio Make-up & Hair:(These prices are for make-up & hair done in our studio only. See the Make-up & Hair Pricing page for wedding make-up and mobile service to your location)
Special occasion make-up                                                $60.00
Special occasion make-up & hairstyle                             $130.00
School formal make-up                                                    $50.00
School formal make-up & hairstyle                                 $110.00
False eyelashes - single flares                                        $10.00
False eyelashes - strips                                                   $15.00
Application of client's Clip-In Hair Extensions                 $10.00
Hair padding (if required)                                                $15.00
Personal make-up lesson - 2 hours                                  $100.00

Beautifully presented gift certificates are available for all treatments listed on this menu.

Gift certificates can be tailored to suit your individual needs.